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Analytics Delivery:
A Preferred Approach to
Maximize Business Value

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Livre blanc

Delivering Valuable Analytics Solutions to Insurers through a Flexible and Rapid Approach.

Insurance companies are savvy about the value of the information they have. They know their business operations very well and are keenly aware of the competition. But Insurers want to understand their business even better. There is a desire to explore the data, not just for insights, but to improve overall performance and the bottom line.

The reality is, today’s business environment compels a rapid rate of change coupled with a need to expedite the delivery of real value. This much is a fact: a business is not static, and time-to-market is king. Insurers expect rapid and frequent deployments of new and improved analytical functionalities that are 100% aligned with their business priorities.

Many Analytics delivery projects often fail to meet business expectations. In fact, too many Analytics projects take too much time and cost too much, delivering less functionality than expected. Why is this so often the case?

Today’s organizations must adopt a flexible way of delivering business value to maximize the chance of success and reduce the risk of failure. An evolutionary approach is one proven approach that takes advantage of demonstrated and sound delivery styles and philosophies.

Guided by experience and industry best-practices, this white paper discusses the challenges of delivering analytical solutions in the real world. It presents a preferred, practical approach to the rapid and successful delivery of business value through analytical solutions.

By Andre Deblois